Monday, May 11, 2020

A New Book AND a Special Promotion!

"Mom has a new book!"

That's how my children announce my accomplishments to their friends.  I'll take it!  They know I've been telling them about Encounters for months and it's so good to have a project completed.  As always, so much thanks to my Book Lady, Suzanne Fox, for her untiring efforts to make this the lovely publication that it is.

So here are the facts for the launch of this work:

Encounters is now available on—you can find it by clicking here.

As a special Mother's Day promotion, purchase the book on Amazon by midnight on Wednesday, May 13 and you will receive a downloadable PDF of the first story from my next book free.

The next book is entitled Moments and the story I want to give you is "A Night With Naomi," which builds on the Scripture about two of the Bible's most memorable and inspiring women.

Once you have made your purchase, simply visit my author Facebook page (@sueholbrookauthor; click here to reach it) and private (direct)-message me the order number to me along with your preferred email address. 

On Thursday, I will be delighted to send you the special link from which you can download your copy of "A Night with Naomi."

Encounters is a work of Biblical fiction, a collection of short stories about people who may have crossed paths with Jesus as he went about his ministry. Maybe they saw him heal the woman with the issue of blood or perhaps they saw a crowd eating on a hillside or maybe they happened to be resting beside a tomb when they heard the words "Come out!"  Having no idea what they may have witnessed, many of them went on their way with their everyday lives.  But they wondered...and sometimes, they changed.

I hope you will allow my imagination to spark your own.  

The Bible is full of scenarios of people just like you and me who encountered The Master.  

May we see his presence anew today.