Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Missing Pieces

For the past three years, my daughter Rebecca Loar has been working toward her Doctor of Music Arts degree at the University of South Carolina.  She is a wonderful accomplished singer and voice teacher. We have all had great dreams and expectations for her and her family once she is Dr. Becky (that's what her mama calls her!)  The hope has been for a position at a college somewhere in the southeast.  Now, everything is hanging in the closet of uncertainty, confusion and frustration.

It's become increasingly obvious that the virus that has virtually shut down the world could have great consequences for the music community on all fronts.  Yesterday a webinar by leaders in the music world gave some dire and long-reaching projections regarding singing groups, choral concerts, and vocal instruction and events of all descriptions for possibly as long as the next two years.  The speculation planted fear and despair among the music community.  Becky simply said she was devastated.  Our conversation was full of words like creativity, innovation and adaptation.  It was hard.  One day later, she posted the following piece on Facebook.  

As I sit here with the puzzle that I've been working on for...well, I really don't know how long, I'm to a point where I'm looking for specific pieces to fill certain spots. Each time after I find a piece I sit back and think "good grief, that wasn't what I was searching for! That didn't look like I expected at all but it completes the picture perfectly!"

That pretty much sums up what we are facing. I am a doer and a planner. I sit back and think of ways I can plan for my future career and for the welfare of my family. Yet at this point I'm searching for a missing piece and I don't know what it looks like. Only God knows and He's processing all of this for us and with us. All I can do is sit back and trust. Keep my eyes open and steady my heart focusing on the only One who has the plans. The picture will become clear in time.

We aren't alone in this journey. I am thrilled to have such great colleagues all looking for answers and solutions during this pivotal time. Sending virtual hugs to all.

"We don't know what to do, but our eyes are on You."
2 Chronicles 20:12