Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Beating Heart

"You look great," my doctor said.  "I just want to see a new EKG.  We haven't had one since 2010." 

His nurse came in, hooked up about a dozen cords to little pieces of tape she placed all over my body, and clicked the computer.  Immediately, groups of squiggles appeared on the screen.  My heart in action. 

Isn't it wild that underneath the skin that covers us, there's so much activity?  In the intricacies of veins and arteries, muscle and bone, tissue and blood...everything knows where to go and what to do?  Who in the world could make such a marvelous creation but the God of all things? 

I stand amazed!  And my heart just keeps on thump thumping...

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  1. Sue, I love reading your Faith Breezes. Each one is very special and often hits just what I needed to hear that very day. You amaze me with your talent to write from your heart...your beating heart. Our bodies are so amazingly made that even when our heart misses a beat there are back ups within that kick it in again until too much damage is done and then it just stops...just like our "heart relationship" with God...we mess up and He is there time and time again to kick us back into action so to speak. It is wonderful to know we serve an amazing God!! love ya lady, Marsha V.

    1. Marsha, you're a sweetheart! Thanks for reading.