Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm Thankful for Christmas Carols

I pushed my cart between the racks of clothes at K Mart this afternoon.  As usual, music played in the background but my thoughts were totally focused on my shopping.  All of a sudden, two words split through the air and stopped me cold. 

"Jesus...Christ..."  Christmas carols, playing already and Thanksgiving is still five days away.  It's been a pet peeve of mine in recent years that we barely get Halloween over with and Christmas is everywhere.  Today, however, it came to me loud and clear that this is not a bad thing.  Not because the retail world needs the boost, but because of those two words...Jesus Christ.  This is one time of the year when my Savior's name is spoken in all sorts of places and not as part of an oath.  And when the nativity scene that displays his birth can still be seen in public places, like the one in the picture above. 

It occurred to me today that...rather than be irritated by those who are "rushing the season"...I should be thankful that Jesus has returned to the public airwaves for this short time each year.  How many children - and yes, even adults - only hear His name spoken in reverence at this time of year?  Are tiny little seeds of wonder planted by those songs and displays?  If even one cuts through the din of holiday chaos, then I say "Play on!" 

And I have decided this Thanksgiving to be thankful for those early Christmas carols.