Monday, September 17, 2012

Two Good Books from Liz

Looking for some page-turning reading? Sink your eyeballs into some well-written historical fiction with a God theme. My summer reading included two books from renowned Christian author Liz Curtis Higgs.

Here Burns My Candle begins the story of a Scottish family in Edinburgh in the 1700s amid the battles between the English crown and Bonnie Prince Charlie. It’s a tale of love and loss and divided family loyalties. The story continues with Mine is the Night, which follows the widowed mother and daughter-in-law through their struggles to find a new life. Okay…you guessed it. The theme follows the biblical Book of Ruth.

I was thrilled to get acquainted with Liz just after I had finished the second book. She was the speaker at the She Speaks Conference sponsored by Proverbs 31 Ministries in July. Not only did I hear her speak, I had the chance to chat with her privately. I can tell you that besides being a very funny and compelling messenger for Jesus on the platform, she is just as endearing and as much a hoot one on one. You can follow her on Facebook as well as on her website. Her Righteous Ruth rap on You Tube is worth a visit!

Look for her new book, The Girl’s Still Got It. It’s about – who else? – that girl named Ruth.