Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Direct Message

Answers to prayers are sometimes very direct and unexpected. And brief and to the point. Like this morning. Our family has been praying fervently about a certain situation for some months. It seems like God has forgotten us.

Again this morning, as I picked up my Bible and started my day, my spirit was in that pleading mode. “God, you know what is needed. Please bring relief soon!” I opened my Bible to the first chapter of Acts. And right there it was, in verse 4.

But wait. That’s what it said. But wait. Jesus was telling the disciples that the Holy Spirit – the gift God had promised them – would become apparent in a few days. The two words jumped out at me this morning because sometime ago, years ago, I had underlined just those two words. But wait. I don’t know why. Did God know I would need that message at some future time?

I’m learning not to overthink these little gifts of encouragement. It was right there on the page. And so I will…wait.