Monday, February 19, 2018

Know...Just Know

                                           Be still and know that I am God...
                                                     -Psalm 46:10

"It was one of those frustrating life moments, Mom."  My daughter, Becky, was sharing her experience of driving home one evening and trying to listen to her favorite Christian radio station.  They were playing music she really hear.  For some reason, she could not get clear reception on her car radio.

"It was just nothing but static!  All I could hear was static drowning out the music."

I filed her experience away knowing that someday it would be just the right illustration for an essay.  Today, it came to the fore.

The world is so full of static.  Evil stalks in every corner.  The cries of hurt and hate fill the airwaves, cover the pages of social media, dominate conversations.  Today's tragedy is tomorrow's statistic.  The current scandal will be replaced by something more lurid before the ink is dry on the magazine pages.  The rabble of angry, miserable voices rises ever louder.  We can't hear each other because we're shouting so loud.


God says be still.  Be still and know Me.  Unplug. Disconnect.  I will rise above all the earth.  I am even the God of the static.

Just. Know. Me.