Monday, January 1, 2018

As The Calendar Turns

My times are in your hands...
Psalm 31:15

Every year when I watch the new year come in, I feel like something is supposed to happen.  The calendar has turned and I just keep sitting here sipping my tea and watching freezing cold people dancing around on a New York street.  Am I missing something? Shouldn’t I feel...different?

In truth I finally realized a few years back - it’s just Time rolling on...another group of days, weeks, months that will make up a year.
Our family has been a testament this year to the old adage: what don’t kill us makes us stronger.  It’s been one challenge after another but at the end of it we have so many positives and we just praise the Lord for his many blessings and graces.  I know that this new group of days, weeks, months will be Time moving along like it always has.  2018 stretches out ahead of us like the road in this picture.  Shared by my friend Peggy Lyon, this is an old Florida road I’ve been familiar with all my life.  Even though I’ve driven it many times, I still have to be alert to the twists and turns or I will end up in the Indian River.
The best promise I know - a comfort for those times when we run ourselves off in the river - is that this road can also take us confidently before the throne of God, where we receive mercy and grace to help us in our times of need.  May we remember where to find mercy and grace as our days turn into a year.

Blessings to all of you, dear friends, and as you travel through 2018, let Jesus help you hold it in the road!