Friday, January 27, 2017


Ed, Becky, Sue (me), Andrew, Nathaniel,
Charlotte, Jack, Lyn, David, Victor

All together for the Holidays, this was the start of a very busy time for our family.  I say that and then I when is it not a busy time for a family?  But this year has been especially eventful and we have drawn so much strength from each other. 

Other posts will share details of various situations but just let me say Becky's family was taking center stage this year with her Christmas singing schedule which wound around a serious bronchial infection, Victor's upcoming gastric sleeve surgery which we got the date for just the day before this picture was taken, and Nathaniel's second cochlear implant due in January.  Don't think Lyn's family was perfectly quiet and passive.  Our week with them was a gift of good times. 

To cut to the chase for this message, shortly after Victor's totally successful surgery, Becky had to be away for a music teacher's conference where she was a featured speaker.  Victor wasn't quite strong enough to deal with children, so I spent a long weekend in Jacksonville doing the granny thing.  That's one of those life things you wouldn't take anything for, but it's not a walk in the park, either. 

The pay-off came when Becky got home Saturday night and said "Mom, I wrote you a Faith Breeze."

And here are her thoughts:

On my way home from a very eventful weekend, I was driving on a nice country road when I passed a field.  Standing alone in that field was a chimney...a brick chimney that was obviously part of a home at one time.  It made me think: what will be standing when I'm gone?  What will people remember?  What is my legacy?  My hope is for others to see my face in Christ, in my love for my family, and in my music.  There is a danger.  If we're not careful in our actions we can let things creep in that might skew the way others see us.  This would compromise our legacy and our testimony.  That chimney standing alone told me to reach toward stand firm like the bricks...reach straight up to heaven with all I have so that Christ alone will be the legacy.

I am so humbled to say this is part of my legacy.  For Ed and me, each face in that picture is a unique reach into the future...a one-of-a-kind Designer Original headed down their own paths planned before they were born, just as ours were.  When we leave them, they will carry on with the tasks ordained for each one, for they all know the Lord.  God help each one of us...each stand firm and reach straight up to heaven so that Christ alone will be the legacy of our little family.

Have you thought about what will be standing here when you're gone?  What are the bricks in your chimney?  I pray they are reaching straight up to heaven.

Wishing you Blessings and Breezes!