Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How's the Fire?

Look carefully. 
This is a rare thing: a fire in a fireplace.  In Florida.  In my house.
My husband is a great fire builder.  I am a great fireside sitter.  In fact, I have
raised it to an art form.  It's not just the actual fire itself that I love so much.  The best
thing about a fire is the ambience it creates. 
Calm.  Peace.  Comfort.
The really great thing that comes along with a good fire is the fireside activities.  Tonight, I sit here with a nasty case of the sniffles and sniffles is putting it mildly.  However, the chamomile tea with honey is having the hoped for effect.
For entertainment, I have a couple of suggestions.
While sipping my tea right now, the TV is tuned to HGTV's Fixer Upper.
If you have not met Chip and Joanna Gaines and watched with fascination as they
turn "challenged" houses into exquisite homes in Waco, Texas, then I urge you to seek them out.
Chip provides the muscle and the contracting expertise, while Joanna's designs
complete the projects.  And the best part is, Joanna's designs are never cookie-cutter. 
I never look at her finished project and think "O, she's done this design before."
Her work - and Chip's - reflect the personalities and needs of the clients. 
As they say, they "take the worst house on the best block and bring it to life." 
I love watching their show.  My husband's only objection: it gives me ideas!
If reading is your fireside desire, I have a suggestion for you. 
A Christian author who speaks to my spirit is Rev. Jan Richardson.
I have quoted her here before and often quote her in the devotions I do for our ladies lunches
at Vero Beach First United Methodist Church.  Jan is a Methodist minister, and the author of In the Sanctuary of Women.  If that book is not on your shelf, you're missing a blessing.  One aspect of Jan's writing is the lovely, poetic blessing which accompanies each of the essays in Sanctuary.
Jan has just launched her newest book Circle of Grace, which is a collection of
her blessings for all seasons of the year.  Lent is a week away and I urge you to get
your copy of Circle of Grace and let these inspiring thoughts fill your heart during this holy season.
Circle of Grace as well as In the Sanctuary of Women can be purchased on Amazon.com.
Whether you have a fire...or a quiet room with a favorite chair...I know these two
suggestions from my list of favorites will not disappoint! 
Relax...and Enjoy!