Sunday, October 19, 2014


It was time for Sunday School to be over.  As the leader closed our session in prayer, the distant call of our old church bell rang out for all to hear.  "Come to worship!"
I love the sound of that bell.  I've heard it all my life. 

This week our church - Vero Beach First United Methodist - celebrates 100 years of blessings and serving our community.  The small group of early settlers, which was meeting in the schoolhouse, formally became a church on October 25, 1914.  The first church building was a white frame structure two blocks away from our current location.  This very bell was installed in that first building in 1917.  It is still rung every Sunday to call God's people to worship. 

The bell ties us to our history of being a meaningful part of our community. May it continue to send out its invitation as we step into the next century of blessings.
"How sweet on a clear Sabbath morning
To list to the clear ringing bell..."
- W. S. Pitts