Sunday, September 28, 2014

Smiles From My Kids

From my oldest to my youngest, my grandkids are just a hoot.   Andrew is the oldest at 17 and Nathaniel is the youngest at 5.  My favorite things to share are the little bits of joy that come out of their mouths.  And don't worry...the two in between - Jack and Charlotte - have their moments too.  But today it's the two bookends.

Just the other day I got a text from daughter Lyn.  She said:

So I'm having this discussion with the boys about Scouts and that I was a Brownie but for some reason didn't go on to be a Girl Scout.  Without missing a beat Andrew pipes up with "What happened?  The fast paced world of selling cookies too much for ya?"

Love his heart.

This weekend, daughter Becky and her husband were away so Nathaniel and Charlotte went to church with their baby sitter.  This afternoon, Nathaniel came to Becky and said:

"Mommy, do you know about Shad-rad, Me-shad and Amexico?" 

By golly, he was  listening and he remembered it the way he heard it!

Blessed are they who live to enjoy their children's children.  They're the best Faith Breezes of all!