Monday, April 21, 2014

Silent Saturday

The women who had come with Jesus from Galilee followed Joseph and saw the tomb and how His body was laid in it. Then they went home and prepared spices and perfumes. But they rested on the Sabbath in obedience to the commandment.--Luke 23: 55 & 56

They laid Him down. And then they went home. 

I've thought a lot about that over this past Easter weekend. They went home...back to the lives they laid down that morning to go and be with Him and follow all the details of the last hours...moments...of His life. They watched it all.

How do you go home after that? The whole world was different from that afternoon on. Even their own living spaces must have seemed different. The emotions that gripped them with physical pain must have been paralyzing. 

But there was work to be done. Not only was it preparation day for the upcoming Sabbath - when no work was allowed - now there were the burial spices and perfumes to be prepared so the final ministrations could be done as soon as possible when Sabbath had passed. Focus...focus...there's work to be done. 

All the while, and into that night and the next day, the sadness and doubt and confusion must have laid on them like the giant stone that closed the door of the tomb. What do we make of this now? Was it all over? Did His death put into question everything He had said and taught them? Was He really the voice of God? 

Silent Saturday. There were no answers. They could only sit and wait. And wail. And pray. In the quiet of their homes.

Life is full of Silent Saturdays. But take heart...Sunday's coming! 

He is risen. Hallelujah!