Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dancing...Just Because

It was morning at the gym.  I signed in for my workout, left my keys with the receptionist and headed for the agony of the machines.  I wasn't looking forward to the next hour.  Funny how things sometimes come into your path that speak to your lousy attitude.

As I rounded a corner, deep in my own thoughts, I was almost mowed down by a little body in full motion...all blonde-haired energy and swirling arms and legs.  She was about three years old and she was dancing!  Unrestrained, joyful, oblivious dancing.  Her mother cautioned her to be careful.  I did a quick side step and avoided a collision.  We laughed and I went on.

But my mood changed.  Thanks for that reminder, Little Doll.

Feel the Breeze:  When's the last time you danced...uninhibited, oblivious, joyous...just because?