Thursday, October 18, 2012


It was a great blessing to my life that I was able to go to North Carolina to Girl Scout camp in my early teen years.  I love the vision I hold in my heart of those twilight evenings sitting on the side of the hill overlooking the lake and singing.  My favorite song was Peace I Ask of Thee Oh River.  Whenever I’m in the mountains, it comes back to me. 

This week, Ed and I have enjoyed the peace of sitting by a river.  And in my heart, I sing the song I learned at Camp Shirley Rogers:


Peace I ask of thee, oh river
Peace, peace, peace
When I learn to live serenely
Cares will cease

From the hills I gather courage
Visions of the days to be
Strength to lead and faith to follow
All are given unto me.

Peace I ask of thee, oh river
Peace, peace, peace

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  1. Dear Sue,
    Your river looks just like the Ellis River in Jackson, NH, where we spent last week at the grand opening of the Jackson Historical Society's "On the Road to Jackson, a Journey through the White Mountains of New Hampshire." Charlie Vogel wrote the book for the exhibit and they had a book signing for him Friday night at a wonderful reception catered by the Wentworth Hall Hotel. Peace and joy were shared by all at this culmination of thirty years of historical art research! Blessings to all, Gloria Vogel 10-19-12

  2. Thanks for your comments, Gloria. I look forward to seeing Charlie's book. I spent some of my mountain quiet time working on mine. It's a journey!