Monday, July 30, 2012

Just Girls...50 Years Later

We were just two girls getting ready for a big party. We had played this scene before – like fifty plus years before. She’s my friend, Judy, and we’ve been good buds since second grade. There’s a whole lot of water over the dam but some things are always the same.
This night, we were primping and preparing for our fifty year high school class reunion. She came breezing into my hotel room in a huff. “I’m so mad. I went off from home and left my earrings!” she fussed.

“O Judy, I’ve got plenty of earrings.” Standing there in my underwear, I dug through my bling stash and found a pair of crystals that worked well with her black dress. I helped her clip them on and she was happy. No woman should go to her high school reunion without earrings. Like teenage girls, we chatted about who would be there while I finished my makeup and stepped into my clothes. Finally, we headed for the car.

I only had to go back to the room twice for things I forgot. Some things never change.