Please Comment: Here's How!

I love comments, and hope you will add your own thoughts, ideas, prayers and other responses to this blog.

To share yours, first click on the word "Comments" at the bottom of the piece on which you'd like to comment. You'll find the word paired with a little pencil icon and a number--"O Comments," "6 Comments."

A pop-up box will appear in which you can type your thoughts. Then, just choose how you'd like to appear by clicking on the menu beside the words "Comment As." For many of you, the easiest choice will be "Anonymous," which simply means that no web link is added to your comment (you can still type your name into the comment itself if you wish). If you have a website or blog link you'd like to share, you can choose the option called "Name/URL."

Finally, just click on "Publish." To avoid spam, all comments are sent to me for approval, so there might be a bit of a delay before you see yours posted on the blog. It should appear within 48 hours at the most.

Sounds cumbersome, I know, but it's actually simpler than it sounds!


  1. I REALLY like your new site, Sue and kudos to Miss Judy! I cannot wait until your book is out. Thanks for all you do!
    Betty Camp

    1. So appreciate your taking the time to comment, Betty. It means so much to hear from my readers. The best thing you can do for me is to pass on the link to your friends.

  2. Sue your book came at the right time for me in my life. The lost of my soul mate, Ralph has been one of the worst battles I have had to endure. God has promise me so many times that He (God) knows the plans I have for you so I thank him daily for that. Your book has given me joy ,peace, and knowing that we all have a purpose to fulfill. Just sit back and feel the breezes of Faith as God blows them our way. Thank you Diane Powell