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I pondered for weeks when I had to describe myself for this blog. How would I do that without sounding ridiculous? I couldn’t, so I consulted the proper authorities - my two oldest grandsons.

“Tell me, guys,” I said, “if somebody asked you to describe your Mimi, what would you say?” After being appropriately thoughtful, this is what they said.
She’s nice.
She loves her grandkids – “all four of us,” they hastened to make clear.
She lets us do stuff our mom and dad wouldn’t.
She’s old-fashioned.

Hmmm. If you want a straight answer…

But nice is good. I’m glad nice topped their list even though I have to get cross with them sometimes. They’re right about loving my grands, all four of them. And yeah – I’m pretty much a pushover on things that don’t really matter. They get a lot of treats when they’re with me. And in their world, let’s face it- anything older than last year is old-fashioned. I’m old-fashioned in their eyes because I can’t understand all these digital games they play and I would rather watch Beverly Hillbillies than these tricked-out techno cartoons that mesmerize them.

They may be young but their people perceptions are dead on!

But back to the bio. In my old-fashioned way, as they would say it in one of my favorite TV programs of yesteryear: here are the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.
I’m a 5th generation Floridian.

A war baby.

A graduate of Vero Beach High School and the University of Florida (with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism).

I’m married to Ed.
I have two daughters, 2 sons-in-law, and four grandchildren—three boys and one girl.

A true member of the “sandwich generation,” I also have a mom with Alzheimer’s Disease.
I enjoy NASCAR, Gator football, a good movie and most of all a good book.

I believe we should love to the utmost. Laugh harder. Look for the fun.

And do it all for the love of the Lord.

In that last respect, I belong to Vero Beach First United Methodist Church, where I sing in the choir and give weekly devotional messages at a ladies lunch.

And in the midst of all this, I’m trying to finish up my first book, a collection of reflections called Faith Breezes.

The family; thanks to Martina's Photography

The girls; thanks again to Martina's Photography

Sue Holbrook