The Book

It's Here!

I'm pleased to announce the publication of Faith Breezes in July 2015. What a journey this has been! And how grateful I feel to be holding the finished book in my hands!

About the Book

As women of faith, our lives can become endless “to do” lists: each task important and worthwhile, but all of them together a constant struggle. Faith Breezes offers a series of small moments of refreshment—times of grace and stillness that can be savored without effort or expectations, in the midst of even the busiest day.

“Faith breezes” are small reminders of God that caress our souls and reassure us that He is always near. Just as the breeze moves everything from the highest clouds to the lowest grains of sand, God’s power breathes in all of the aspects of human life. No matter how delicate or gusty, a faith breeze always offers a glimpse of the awe-inspiring glory of God. From a grandchild’s surprisingly profound remark to a Biblical passage that strikes right to the heart of a struggle, faith breezes come at the exact right moment to restore, reawaken, and reconnect us to God’s love.

Organized by seasons, the book shares a series of my own "faith breeze" moments, each followed by a page where you can add your own. I hope you'll take me along on your own journey to find the moments of stillness and silliness, laughter and love, silence and shared conversation in which God's glory is most deeply felt.

Praise for the Book

Faith Breezes blows across my soul! I chuckled. I wept. I prayed. Sue Holbrook has brought the love of Jesus alive in a humorous, loving manner. —Coyla Boob

This book is full of stories that outline how faith and our spiritual heritage uplift, comfort and sustain us. —Priscilla Gaston Tucker

I find myself picking up the pages of this book and my day is immediately brightened! Sue’s words have taken me back to my own memories and the messages of faith I draw from them. —Lynette Fowler Armstrong

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