Monday, February 17, 2020

I Recommend: The Bathsheba Battle!

Several years ago, I attended a writer's conference.  It was a good conference and I learned some stuff that has been beneficial.  But the best thing I got from those three days of meetings was a friendship with a truly delightful young gal named Natalie Snapp.  It's a nice friendship...she's about the age of my kids so we each bring our particular perspective to the conversation. 

At that time, Natalie and I were embarking on the world of being published authors with our first books.  She was working on Heart Sisters and sold her project to the agent from Abingdon Press.  I left the conference fully realizing that for someone at my stage of life, the world of self-publishing and print on demand was the way for me to go.  So she published Heart Sisters and I published Faith Breezes.  Time passed and with it a whole lot of LIFE and here we are today.  I've just published Cradle and Cross and her latest, The Bathsheba Battle, came on the scene at almost the same time.  Finding hope when life takes an unexpected turn...that's what The Bathsheba Battle is all about.  By delving into the story of Bathsheba's relationship with King David, Natalie takes us through the process of sorting through the suffering and then moving forward.  "With every valley we tread, we experience that much more freedom and that much less fear," she says. "The effort is almost always worth the outcome."

Ultimately, "Bathsheba's suffering led her to bear fruit that grew while she was in the deepest valley of her life and her story shows us all how God restores and brings beauty from ashes every single time."Natalie writes with a warm "girlfriend" tone that draws the reader in and appeals across the lines of age.  After all, whose life hasn't taken an unexpected turn?

Natalie Chambers Snapp is the author of Heart Sisters: Be the Friend You Want to Have and the accompanying Bible study Becoming Heart Sisters: A Bible Study on Authentic Friendships.  She has also written for various blogs and online devotionals, including Proverbs 31.  You can find her at her website and at