Saturday, February 27, 2016

The Lesson of the Swan

I have a guest blogger this week.  My daughter, Becky Loar, is a wife, mom, Christian singer, voice teacher, and all around busy lady in Jacksonville, Florida.  She shared the following Faith Breeze.
A few days ago, I was driving by a pond that had a lovely Swan in it.  It took my breath.  I thought it was so beautiful and serene.  The next morning, I drove past that same pond, hoping to see the Swan.  I realized it was gliding along in the same place.  I thought, "How odd that the Swan was in the same place as yesterday." 
On the third day as I passed, the Swan was right where I left it.  That's when I realized I had been had!  A decoy.  This picture perfect vision of beauty was shattered.  I thought, "How dumb am I to fall for that.  I knew it was too perfect to be true!"  Duped by a decoy.
How often in life does this happen to us.  The idea of an image of the way we look, or the perfect home or the car we drive.  It's all just a mirage.  The true beauty is behind the door of that not-so-perfect home where love abounds or in the car where Christian radio is always playing and the voices of little children ring through my ears.  That is true beauty.
Thanks for sharing that, Becky.  We have so many decoys in this world...things that look so real but are nothing but a plastic facsimile.  The thing we can count on to be real is God as we see Him in His Son, Jesus.  Jesus tells us,  "Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father."  (John 14:9)
Lord, help us to see the real things and not be duped by decoys.