Friday, June 19, 2015

The Best Place

The past few weeks have found me in yet another one of those times of enforced confinement at home.  I've come to learn that these times - while they are usually physically uncomfortable and not as pleasant as we would like for life to be - are times filled with little gifts of moments with God.  Moments that the busyness of life often cause me to miss. 
As I'm recovering from shoulder surgery, I now have times when I simply have to get out of the confines of the walls and feel the outside breezes.  Even in the heat we're having in Florida right now, there are still gentle breezes that I won't feel unless I stop long enough for them to make their presence known. 
This rocking chair by my front door is right under a mammoth oak tree - a tree that has been here for who knows how many years before we built this house in 1978.  It's my favorite place to sit, especially in the gloaming - that time when the sun has dropped down below the trees to the west and evening begins to make its advance,  The neighborhood noises are usually done by then.  My serenaders are the birds that sing unseen high above me in the trees.
And the soft breezes come and go as God says "Rest.  All is well".  The sling on my arm reminds me that my arm is healing under his direction and soon I will be back in full action.  Hopefully I will remember to seek this evening solitude to rest and refresh.
Do you have a quiet place where you can be alone with your Creator to be embraced by His Creation?