Sunday, March 9, 2014

It's Time To Talk About Time!

Somewhere awhile back, somebody decided it was beneficial to all of us to change Time.  So now, because of this Time Nazi, twice a year we move the hands of our clocks ...or the numbers on the digital dials...or whatever.

Which means that for about two weeks every year, I wander in a
Time Daze until I get adjusted to the new time. 
Mostly that means I'm just confused.
And I'm easily confused as it is.
Is it time to get up?
Should I go on to bed?
And why does it change on Sunday morning?
Is it ten o'clock or eleven o'clock?
I just got up but I'm late for church.
Will I have more daylight in the morning
or will it be in the afternoon?
Why is it so dark already?
Hey, Time Nazi...
Pick one or the other and


  1. Absolutely and positively BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Share it with your friends. We'll get rid of this crazy idea if we all get together! I've been told that this post isn't really about faith. Yes it is. I have faith that Time is in God's hands, not ours, no matter how we dink around with it. So there.