Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lift Up Your Head

But you are a shield around me, O Lord;
You bestow glory on me and lift up my head.
Psalm 3:3

Getting over cancer is one thing.  Getting over chemo is quite another.  The poison that kills the cancer also turns the brain into sluggish mush.

I'm now trying to get back into the swing of my life.  It's a slow process.  People who know tell me it will take a year.  I'm learning that it's still ok when my brain writes checks that my body can't cash.  More than anything, I'm realizing that I must learn to write around and in spite of the things of Life.  If I wait for everything to be resolved, my kids will bury me with my unfinished manuscripts.

I have to look to that shield that I know is around me and to the One who is the Lifter of My Head.  When you feel like the woman in this picture, remember... you don't have to lift your head all by yourself. 



  1. Sue, this is an amazing site! You have a follower for sure.

    Teri Jo

  2. Sue, you were always one of my favorite friends and I am so glad that you are doing well. Just one day at a time, filled with reading, writing, praying, and visiting with friends, and pretty soon that year will be up and you will be back to what you want to be. You are a good woman. Armand

  3. Love it when people take the time to respond. Thanks so much to each of you. Armand, you are such a dear. This is precious. Thank you.