Sunday, September 15, 2013

Pretty Things

Never mind about your belongings, because the best of all Egypt will be yours.     Genesis 45:20

I sat in the empty living room of my Aunt Clyde's house and stared at all she had left behind.  There were curio cabinets filled with the souvenirs she had collected from all over the world.  The china cabinet was stacked with dishes of all descriptions plus teapots and teacups collected from her travels.  I knew her drawers and closets were overflowing with lovely clothes, shoes, purses, scarves, jewelry. 

It had been a week since she died after 93 years of life well lived.  Uncle Tom had died more than 20 years before.  Since they had no children, they had poured their lives into their nieces and of whom was me.  The common sentiment was "She was like a second mother to me."

And now I sat here, in the house she left to me with all its pretty things that she enjoyed looking at so much.  It seemed so sad, but life ends that way for all of us.  All the pretty "things" are left behind. 

And then I read this line from the life of Joseph.  As he prepared his long-lost family to leave their homeland and settle with him in Egypt, he told them to travel light and not be concerned about the belongings they would leave behind.  They would have all the best Egypt had to offer.

Clyde traveled light.  She left all her "pretties" here.  The fact is, these figurines and dishes and teacups and pretty clothes are nothing compared to the glories that surround her in Heaven.  She sits in lux perpetua...light eternal... and more magnificence than I can ever imagine.