Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fourteen-Layer Caramel Cake!

If you’re a child of the South, the mere title of this piece should have your heart a-flutter. Never mind that your sugar count just shot through the roof. Let me say at the outset, friend…it was wonderful. And worth every divine calorie.

Ed and I were on the way home from Tennessee and North Carolina. A week with our grandsons plus a long weekend at an intense writer’s conference left us needing a couple of days of total down time before we got home. We sat down in Charleston (Embassy Suites on Meeting Street is a great location). We’ve done the tourist things there in days past, so this time we just strolled around and soaked up the historic ambiance for two days.

One of those strolls took us to Halls Chophouse for dinner. It’s on King Street, right near the Visitor’s Center. And it is gooooood! Ed enjoyed the quail while I swooned into a scrumptious plate of shrimp and grits. And then the cute little waitress said those words that headline this entry. “Fourteen-layer caramel cake.” I nearly fell off my bistro chair. Forget the eating plan. I was not leaving without it. I mean, I’ve had three-layer and even six-layer but fourteen layers of caramel deliciousness is a once in a lifetime event! Just for the record, it was a huge slice and we did share it.

As I told the waitress, caramel cake is more than tradition in the South. It’s sacred. When I get to heaven and go to that Great Banquet Jesus talks about in Luke, I expect to see all fourteen layers of heavenly caramel cake. O what a foretaste of glory divine!